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سابقة الاعمال

Previous works

Merit University  

  1. 240 m curtain wall façade stands on steel structure system

  2. 1700 m double glazing curtain wall system

  3. 1000 m aluminum composite panels

  4. 240 m sky roof glass on steel structure system

  5. 550 m office glass partitions

  6. 200 m aluminum windows

  7. 200 m aluminum louvre

Living in shopping mall

  1. 1200 m irregular curtain wall system laminated glass fixed with steel structures shapes

  2. Design 550 m 3D steel structure dual curve façade

Dar al madfaia 

  1. Curtain wall system

Port said tunnels 

  1. Aluminum windows & doors for the security zone

  2. Aluminum windows & doors for the entrainment zone

  3. Stainless steel covers the tunnel construction breaks

كيميت للمقاولات

Alex bank arkan mall branch 

  1. Structure glazing system

كيميت للمقاولات

Suez canal bank : alex branch & qenna branch

  1. Stainless steel – glass handrails